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Chris Mittelstaedt, owner of The FruitGuys, has turned his local business into a national operation by changing strategy during the recession through investment in technology and the restructuring of his operations.


1.  Based on the video, what were some of the things that Chris did to cut costs?  What disaster almost bankrupted his company?

2.   Look up the topic of “corporate wellness.” Investigate what links the company has to the concept of “corporate wellness.” Discuss how this could be important and profitable part of the company’s business strategy.

3. Look up the topic of “green business” and “sustainability.”  Is this an important part of the business strategy for the Fruit Guys?  Explain how it can impact profitability.

4. Chris mentioned that he took a “MASH unit approach” to the business.  What does this mean?  How can it translate into profits?

Source: BNET Staff, The FruitGuys: Finding Opportunity in a Recession (2010 Video) Retrievable at;n-video

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