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Launched in late April 2010, provides a new way for individuals and businesses to find and retain CPA-related services. This new Web site is free to use and helps connect individuals and businesses with CPAs. The goal of the service is to provide a more efficient and less expensive option for finding and hiring a CPA.


1. Go to the website and look under the frequently asked questions (FAQs). What types of services do they show as being provided by CPAs? Which of these are the most interesting to you?
2. What was the website modeled after? Do you think that this service is good idea? Why or why not?
3. What are the three fee structures used for submitting bids?


AccountingWEB staff. (2010).“Do I Hear $1,000? Provides A New Way to Find a CPA.” Accounting and Auditing: Accounting WEB, May 20. (Retrievable online at

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