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The head of the Financial Accounting Standards Board, which sets U.S. accounting rules, said June 1, 2010, that he does not expect FASB to meet a June 30, 2011 deadline for convergence with international accounting rules, as requested by the G20 group of industrial and emerging countries. According to FASB chairman, Robert Herz, changes that delay the completion date by about six months will soon be announced to allow for greater public comment on the boards’ proposals.


1. According to the article, what controversial proposal was released during the last week of May?

2. According to the article, how long would the boards have had available to release 10 standards and still meet a June 2011 deadline with final standards, given the due process typically followed?

3. According to the FEI, what is the maximum number of proposals that the FASB has ever released at one time for public comment?


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