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Women’s Leadership Council

“I don’t think it’s too late for my generation to become leaders in the profession and in business, and I hope my daughter’s generation will simply take it for granted!

Financial Consulting
Chair, WLC Committee   , Robin Taub

 Progres Made!

        Although some progress has been made in the last 20 years, it is discouraging to find that there still aren’t more women partners, CEOs, CFOs and board members. I joined the committee to learn more about why this is, and to become involved in changing the landscape.

Women Representation:

Women represent one-half of graduating Chartered Accountants and one-third of the more than 78,000 CAs who comprise Canada’s leading accounting profession.

The CICA’s Women’s Leadership Council is the voice of women CAs. We act as a catalyst for change, promoting a work environment within the Chartered Accountancy profession that provides for the retention, promotion and advancement of women to positions of leadership without bias, unintended or otherwise, based on gender. Our short term goal is to provide resources and education that further women’s advancement in the CA profession. In the longer term, we will be acting as advocates to enhance the number of women in leadership positions in the CA profession.

Over the coming year, our priorities include:

  • Publishing a position paper examining why many female CAs take longer, or fail, to reach leadership positions in CA firms, the public sector, academia or corporate Canada
  • Developing a training program and initiating a webinar series to provide resources to CAs and firms to further women’s advancement in the profession

“Our members accounted for 11 per cent of the individuals honored in the 2010 awards recognizing Canada’s Most Powerful Women presented by the Women’s Executive Network. The awards celebrate and honour women who are proven achievers. The Women’s Leadership Council plays an important role within our profession in encouraging women members to seek leadership positions. The demographics of the profession are changing and there must be a level playing field for all members who want to advance their careers.”

 Discussion Questions:

 1. This week is International Womens Week: Has the role of women in business evolved?

2. Why do you think there are fewer women in leadership roles?

3. From your present experinces: Is the role of women in busness increasing?

Article taken from the CA magagine: to read more see Robin Taub


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