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Montreal, March 28, 2012 – Today, Jean-Marc Fournier,
Minister of Justice and Minister responsible for the application of
professional legislation, tabled Bill 61, Chartered Professional Accountants
Act, that will constitute the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés (CPA)
du Québec. The CA Order, the CGA Order and the CMA Order welcomed the news.

Another milestone in the process to unify the accounting
profession in Quebec has therefore been reached. The bill will have to follow
the normal steps in Quebec’s legislative process before the Ordre des CPA du
Québec becomes a reality.

The new single accounting order will encompass all the professional accountants in the province, whether they are currently CAs, CGAs or CMAs. It will result from the pooling of the competencies and expertise of the members of the existing professions. Moreover, the regulations governing the new CPA Order will draw on the best elements of the rules currently in force in the three existing orders, while aiming for the highest professional and ethical standards. Decidedly forward-looking, the accounting profession will be in an even better position to serve the business community and all organizations in Quebec.

The chairs of the three orders are very pleased with this announcement.

“The creation of a single order will enhance the protection of
the public. With a single accounting designation, and especially a single set
of mechanisms to monitor the profession, the new order will clearly be even
better equipped to protect the public,” stated Manon Durivage, FCA, Chair of
the Ordre des CA.

 Increased influence:

In addition, chartered professional accountants will enjoy
increased influence on a global scale. “Not only will the new CPA Order have
unprecedented sway with the profession’s regulatory bodies, it will also be
very attractive to future accountants, employers and the business world,” said
Stephan Robitaille, FCGA, Chair of the Ordre des CGA.

Lastly, unifying the CA, CGA and CMA professions also means
strength in numbers. “The future accounting body will have a membership of
35,000 professional accountants and will form the third largest professional
order in Quebec,’’ added Charles Auger, FCMA, Chair of the Ordre des CMA. ‘‘In addition to merging the driving forces of the accounting profession, this
process will result in increased efficiencies and effectiveness that will
benefit the profession as a whole.”

A first in Canada
The tabling of the bill also represents a positive development towards the
unification of the accounting profession in the rest of Canada since several
other provinces are goinsimilar process. It seems likely that Quebec will lead
the way and that other provinces will soon be following suit.

Discussion Questions:

1. We have united three professions, is this good news for our Quebec students and does it really improve your future?

2. Will the rest of Canada follow suit?

3. Is there strenght in numbers, do you agree?

To read more, visit the CGA site: Bill creating the ordre des CPA




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