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Google stock breaks $1,000 barrier


Strong third-quarter results have sent Google’s stock past the $1,000 US mark for the first time.

Shortly after the markets opened Friday, Google Inc. shares jumped more than 12 per cent to $1,007.40 US in heavy trading before edging back down to $1,000 later in the morning.  The Nasdaq-listed stock had never been higher than $928 in regular market trading since Google went public at $85 per share nine years ago.

At the close of trading, it was up 13.8 per cent or $122 at $1,011.41.


Foreign Exchange Impact on Google Segment Revenues

Gains related to the foreign exchange program, remained constant from the second quarter of 2013through the third quarter of 2013, our Google segment revenues in the third quarter of 2013 would have been $41 million higher.

See the video : click the Google Hedging 101:  to see how Options are used to hedge against foreign currency fluctuations. This is definitely a little complicated, and more for an University student studying finance.

Where do Revenues come from?

Late Thursday, Google reported a 36 per cent jump in third-quarter net income that beat Wall Street’s predictions. The numbers showed that while the company’s average ad prices continue to decline, they’re being offset by a larger number of people clicking on ads.

Over the years, Google has expanded its reach far beyond the powerful search engine that made it famous. It now includes the video sharing site YouTube, along with the Android operating system that runs on close to one billion smartphones and tablets. The company ranks as the No. 1 digital ad company by revenue, leaving rivals such as Yahoo Inc. and Facebook Inc. far behind.

Click on the link to view the Key Financial information for Google Inc.

CONSOLIDATED BALANCE SHEETS : What are the total Cash and Marketable Securities for the quarter compared to the prior quarter?

CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF INCOME:  What are the total Revenues for the quarter compared to the prior quarter?

Review other Key financial information:  Do you find this company impressive?

Discussion Questions:

1. Read the complete article: Click on link: Where is the new revenue growth coming from?

2. Would you have invested in Google Inc. five years ago?

3. After reviewing the Google Hedging 101 video, would you be interested in protecting more than 40 billion in cash?

Click to: Read the complete article on CBC News, Associated Press:

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