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Description: Saturday, January 3, the Report on Business cover story highlighted “Six stories to watch in 2015.” These six included discussion on oil uncertainty, housing prices, and the expectations for Canada’s banks. As a business student, you might find it useful to save this article after you read it. Then, set yourself a reminder to have another look¬† in late 2015. You’ll be in a position to see how Canada’s national newspaper did with its forecast for 2015.

Source: Globe and

Date:  January 2, 2015


Discussion Points:

1) What do you think regarding these six big stories for 2015? Would you have placed anything different on the list?

2) To what extent do you agree with the Globe and Mail’s assessments and predictions? Explain.

3) Which of these stories do you think will have the most impact on careers for accountants? Why?

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