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Description: Jones Soda is a small soft drink company compared to the giants Coke and Pepsi. But Jones is using its unique location – across the street from the home field of the Seattle Seahawks – as a marketing advantage, sending along its promotional RV to the Super Bowl in Arizona. There Jones Soda continues its “12th man” theme in an effort to boost its sales. Jones once had annual revenues of close to $40 million, but they have stabilized more recently at around $15 million.

Source: Globe and

Date:  January 29, 2015



Discussion Points:

1) Have you ever tried Jones Soda? What is your opinion of Jones’ products?

2) Jones faces some unique strategic challenges facing off against the big soft-drink giants. What are some strategies Jones could pursue in order to grow its business?

3) The article discusses the role of Jennifer Cue, a Canadian, who served for a while as company CFO and then returned to become CEO. What are some strengths that an accounting background provides to enable one to move into an executive position?

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