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Description: A report released on Tuesday, February 24, by security firm FireEye showed that roughly 70 percent of companies suffering data breaches last year found out about it from someone outside the organization. Police agencies and customers, for example, may notify a company before anyone inside the organization realizes they have been hit by cyberattack. Another scary fact revealed in the report is that the median time to find out about an attack was about 7 months, leaving lots of time for the hackers and attackers to wander around at will.

Source: Globe and

Date:  February 24, 2015


Discussion Points:

1) Have you ever had your data compromised in a cyberattack?

2) What are some internal controls that you may have learned in your auditing or accounting classes that could help prevent or detect cyberattacks?

3) What are some of the career options for accountants who are interested in developing a career in cyber security?

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