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Description: How would you like to live in a bothy for a while during your university term? A bothy is a Scottish word for a small cabin, and the government is funding a series of these bothys in rural Scotland as a form of artist retreat. One designer,¬†Gareth Neal, will soon install a bothy in a London gallery, and during its time there, he will stock the bothy with his ten “essential” possessions. Of course, simplifying life can create business opportunities, as some designers are finding out.

Source: Globe and

Date:  March 18, 2015; updated March 19, 2015


Discussion Points:

1) Which ten essential objects would you select if you were to spend time in a bothy?

2) Would you trade your university accommodations for a bothy?

3) In the article it discusses government funding of bothys for the artist community in Scotland. What do you see as some of the costs and benefits of such a government policy?

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