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Description: Ten years ago Larry Guay faced a huge challenge when his business of building furniture components was undercut by cheap knock-offs from competitors. Rather than fold up the manufacturing plant, he shifted product focus and together with his wife started Los Cabos Drumsticks. The team took their show on the road in the early days, calling on dealers throughout Canada, showing off their drumsticks to prospective customers. Now their markets include Japan and Europe.


Date:  April 22, 2015


Discussion Points:

1) What important success qualities did the entrepreneur Larry Guay exhibit in turning his furniture manufacturing business into a drumstick maker?

2) What would be some of the key costs you would want information on if you were Larry Guay?

3) The article closes with three prominent business experts providing¬† strategy advice for Larry’s business. Which piece of strategy advice do you believe is the best? Why?


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