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Description: This past week, Dan Dodge, the last member of the current Blackberry executive team with close ties to the pioneering Mike Lazaridis, announced he was leaving the company. Dodge was known to be a science and tech lover, just like Blackberry co-founder¬† Mike Lazaridis. It will be interesting to see how Dodge’s departure impacts Blackberry as it transitions in the months ahead.


Date:  September 8, 2015


Discussion Points:

1) If you were an investor in Blackberry, how would you respond to the loss of Mr. Dodge from the management team?

2) In a technology company like Blackberry, what mix of skills would you look for on your management team? For example, obviously the science and tech oriented leaders like Mr. Dodge bring certain skills and perspectives to the team. But what other backgrounds would you be looking for?

3) How many of your classmates are using Blackberry’s products? What are the features that appeal to some clients?

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