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Description: The digital world has had a deep impact on media such as movies, television, music and magazines. But for some reason, the much-maligned paper advertising flyer seems to be doing just fine. “Customers love their flyers,” said retail executive David Thorpe in a recent Globe and Mail. Apparently 98% of Canadians examine a flyer at least once per year, causing some to believe the flyer will still be around for years to come.


Date: September 24, 2015


Discussion Points:

1) Do you still use the paper flyers from retail establishments or do you do your browsing all online?

2) Digital advertising talks about cost-per-click. What do you think the the key cost metric would be for those advertising through paper flyers?

3) How could you calculate the environmental cost of the free flyers that show up in our mailboxes and driveways?

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