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Description: March 1 was supposed to be a good day for cable subscribers. That was the day the cable providers were supposed to start providing a basic cable package for $25 a month – a so-called ‘skinny’ package. Consumers could then bulk up their package by choosing individual channels rather than packages designed by the companies. But according to a report by the CBC, these slimmed-down options may not end up being all that economical, with customers claiming bills are nearer $100 once everything is factored in.



Date: March 4, 2016


Discussion Points:

1) Are you a cable customer? If so, does the skinny package appeal to you?

2) What might be some of the costing strategies the cable companies could develop to deal with this skinny package?

3) What strategies could the regulator (the CRTC) use to ensure the skinny package achieves its benefits for consumers?

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