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Description: And so it continues. The Blackberry bad news keeps coming, almost like the old football penalty of piling on. Despite introducing a new Android device called the Priv phone, revenue for the quarter declined. Blackberry failed to meet analysts’ revenue projections, despite this new device which combines the advantages of Blackberry’s vaunted security with the multitude of apps available at Google Play.

Date: April 1, 2016



Discussion Points:

1) Do you think the new Priv phone can help Blackberry reestablish itself as a leading smartphone vendor?

2) If you were the CFO of Blackberry, what might be some of the questions you would be dealing with from financial analysts right now?

3) What strategy would you recommend for Blackberry? For instance, should it concentrate more on the software and security offerings or should it still try to compete in the hand set business?

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