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Description: It was supposed to be one of the centerpieces of the former Conservative government’s efforts to prove they were the ones to deliver savings and efficiency in the way the public sector delivered services. But now with weeks of stories on how employees have gone without pay cheques or been paid the wrong amount, the bloom is coming off the efficiency rose; the effort to consolidate all government payroll systems appears to be a disaster. Meanwhile, another effort to combine all technology services into Shared Services Canada has been discredited by the resignation of Stats Canada’s chief statistician, citing issues of independence because of the decision to moveĀ  Stats Can tech to the new super agency.

Date: September 19, 2016



Discussion Points:

1) Did you or any of your classmates work for the federal government over the summer? Did any of you have any issues with getting paid the right amount on time?

2) Why do you think our efforts to increase efficiency by consolidation sometimes go astray?

3) If you were on the audit team responsible for auditing the Phoenix payroll system, what might be some of the planning considerations you would have?

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