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Description: You’ve probably seen that viral video of the passenger being dragged off of the United Airlines flight. United has been taking more than a few shots in social media on this one, and perhaps the impact will be felt on its bottom line. And in the past week or so, we have seen discussion in Canada about Air Canada having disappointed passengers through the so-called bumping practice, including the bumping of a PEI family on a long-planned trip to Costa Rica. Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau has said changes are coming to better protect Canadian air travelers.

Date:  April 17, 2017



Discussion Points:

1) Have you ever found yourself the victim of overbooking on an airline flight? What happened?

2)  Do you think the practice of bumping is ethical? Why or why not?

3)  Do you think the recent overbooking stories will have a financial impact on the airlines involved?

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