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Description: It has taken about eight years – including an attempt earlier this past summer – but New Brunswickers finally know that their provincially owned electrical utility paid roughly $1.7 million in severance to David Hay, the organization’s former CEO. In 2010 Hay abstained from a vote by the board of NB Power to sell the utility to Hydro Quebec, and he abruptly resigned with only a day’s notice. The provincial government had maintained for years that it could not reveal the size of the severance due to confidentiality.

Date: October 17, 2017



Discussion Points:

1) The article speaks of a court decision which required the NB government to reveal severance payments. What do you think of this decision? Are you in favour of it?

2)  As a citizen, do you think all salaries and related payments to government employees should be available for all to see?

3)  Where would a Crown corporation like NB Power account for a payment like this in its financial statements?

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