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Description: Last week saw lots of buzz in Vegas as tech-fanciers and manufacturers hit town for the annual Consumer Electronics Show. Technology product editor Todd Haselton wrote that it appears to him that the focus of the show has been evolving. No longer do attendees see electronics – perhaps a new laptop or smartphone – that are just about to hit the market. Rather, he notes, the show has been shifting from an emphasis on stuff that people can buy and more towards ideas and “proof of concept.”

Date: January 12, 2018



1) Have you or any of your classmates ever attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas? If so, describe the experience.

2)  From a strategic marketing point of view, why do you think we may have seen this change in emphasis at the Consumer Electronics Show?

3)  If you were an accountant working for one of the companies displaying goods at the Consumer Electronics Show, what account would you charge your organization’s expenses for the show to? For example, would it be marketing? Could it be considered as research?

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