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Description:  The Globe and Mail is saying New Brunswick is in a ‘death spiral’ financially. The problem is that the tiny province is in the last stages of an election campaign and none of the political leaders really seems to be seriously engaging the issue. In the past ten years, New Brunswick has basically doubled its debt load, and this at a time of demographic decline. Perhaps if the politicians don’t get serious about the matter, the province may have an unpleasant visit from its bankers who may insert themselves into the budgeting process; this happened at least twice in the previous century.

Date: September 17 , 2018




Discussion points:

1) Have you ever voted in an election? What sorts of factors influenced your choice?

2) Why do you think politicians are so reluctant to deal with fiscal reality during election campaigns?

3) Many of you are planning a careers as accountants. How do you think the profession can encourage better discussion of the government debt issue?


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