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Description:  Have you ever wondered if you were paying a bit too much for those tickets you’ve been buying from Ticketmaster? Well, joint undercover research by the CBC and the Toronto Star has revealed some disturbing news. It appears that Ticketmaster is permitting high volume scalpers to use its TradeDesk system. Scalpers can buy significant volumes of tickets and then upload them quickly to Ticketmaster for resale through the TradeDesk tool. This increases prices for the fans. Meanwhile, Ticketmaster earns a commission on both ends, helping its profitability.

Date: September 19 , 2018




Discussion points:

1) Have you ever used Ticketmaster? What has been your experience?

2) Do you think that this practice employed by Ticketmaster is ethical?

3) If you were an executive at Ticketmaster, how would you create incentives for employees to behave ethically? (See page 8 of Wiley’s Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making for a discussion of incentives.)


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