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Description:    March 19 is budget day in Canada, and, of course, there’s speculation out there on what measures the budget will include. One thing being discussed is what has been called a life-long learning account. Supposedly the account will receive a top-up from the federal government, something like the RESPs parents create for children. This new program would help Canadians fund their education in various approved programs as their careers progress.

Date:  March 14, 2019



Discussion points:   

1) Have you ever heard about the life-time learning concept during your time at university? What are your expectations in this regard as you prepare to graduate?

2) What do you think of this measure? Is it worth the cost?

3) Public sector financial statements are discussed in Wiley’s Advanced Accounting. What could the Government of Canada disclose in its financial statements to help Canadians track the costs of new programs like this?

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