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Description: A tough exam is kind of what you are expecting if you are sitting down to write the CPA national examination to qualify to become an accountant. That’s why CPA students take-off weeks to study for this important career milestone. This year, however, the exam writers in some centres had additional challenges to overcome. In Edmonton, for instance, problems linking up the Wifi resulted in students starting to write the exam at 2 pm when that actually should have been the finish time. There appeared to have been similar problems in Victoria where the exam centre eventually had to use a secondary Wifi source, prompting a need for invigilators to more closely monitor students to ensure they were not consulting websites outside those permitted in the exam.

Date:  September 20, 2019



Discussion points: 

 1) Do you know any of your former classmates writing the CPA exam this year? What were their experiences?

2) The first chapter of Wiley’s Auditing: A Practical Approach , tells us about important regulators and standard setters overseeing the auditing profession in section 1.7. How do you think these various parties will respond to the exam controversy?

3) Are you hoping to enter the CPA program after graduation? How does this story impact your plans?

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