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Description: Out there in the job market, we may have to be keeping our eyes on the robots and AI. It looks like the service sector jobs in areas including banking may be being replaced by electronic workers. The financial industry has been pouring $150 billion a year into artificial intelligence, clearing out jobs at even low wage levels. As software continues to grow and develop, workers may be pushed out at higher levels as well.

Date:  October 3, 2019



Discussion points: 

 1) At this point in your university life, have you thought ahead to your career choices? Are you considering accountancy?

2) How do you think AI may impact your planned career?

3) In chapter thirteen of Wiley’s Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making , we see a discussion of how businesses plan for large capital investments. When banks are investing billions in AI, what are some important techniques they may be using to support their investment decisions?

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