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Description: Alberta Auditor General Doug Wylie and Alberta‚Äôs Ethics Commissioner Marguerite Trussler both issued reports this week on the activities of the former CEO of the province’s energy regulator. The ex-CEO, Jim Ellis, was alleged to have “grossly mismanaged” the affairs of the regulator by using a third-party organization he established to sell Alberta expertise to other jurisdictions. In September, the Alberta government discharged all the board members of the regulator, setting the stage for these reports.

Date:  October 4, 2019



Discussion points: 

1) Were you surprised to see this situation where an auditor general was reporting jointly with these other officials?

2) What might have gone wrong with the corporate governance to cause the government to fire the whole board?

3) In chapter twelve of Wiley’s Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making , we read about the differences between the non-strategic investments and strategic investments. When the energy regulator set up this ICORE agency, which category would it have been?

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