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Description: It’s already happening. Last week, Disney launched streaming service DisneyPlus; this week user accounts and passwords started showing up on hacker websites. Now that’s what I call efficiency! Unfortunately, it’s the type of efficiency that comes by exploiting system weaknesses. Professor Paul Rohmeyer, from the Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey, said he was surprised that streaming services have not improved security by initiating two factor identification.

Date:  November 20, 2019



Discussion points: 

 1) How does two factor identification improve security?

2) Would you consider purchasing an ID and password for $3 as an alternative to signing up for a $7 a month DisneyPlus account?

3) See Figure 10-1 on page 313 of Wiley’s Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems. Assume the role of an accountant who is advising Disney on developing security policies. Which points in Figure 10-1 do you believe would be most important to stress to management?

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