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Description: Imported directly from the United States: that appears to be one way to describe the increasing popularity of retail sales in Canada on the day after the American Thanksgiving. This Black Friday trend is replacing Boxing Day as the landmark retail event for Canadian consumers. Meanwhile, other citizens in a number of cities worldwide were holding protests against the consumerism they see evident in Black Friday. France is talking of banning Black Friday in order to cut back on waste.

Date:  November 29 , 2019



 Discussion points:

1) Where were you on Black Friday?

2) If you were an executive at a retailer, how would you handle the conflict between generating revenue versus sustainability in answering the Black Friday question?

3) Pages 10-11 of Wiley’s Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making explains the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. How could the triple bottom line help companies address sustainability while maintaining profitability?

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