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Description: Tech giant Google is expanding its operations in Canada, building 3 new facilities to accommodate 5,000 employees by 2022. Toronto, Montreal, and Kitchener-Waterloo will be the big beneficiaries of this move. Things have come a long way since the time when the company hired its first Canadian employee in 2001, opening an office of one in Toronto.

Date:  February 6, 2020




Discussion points:

1) Do you think you would be interested in working for Google? Why or why not?

2) The article notes that Google will fund $2.5 million in scholarships through the organization NPower Canada. See if you can track down information on these scholarships to learn if you might be eligible.

3) Wiley’s Financial Accounting : Tools for Business Decision-Making tells us on page 4 that the head of Google in Canada comes from a background of accounting studies. See if you can find out more details about Monique Leroux and her high-profile career. What lessons can you learn?

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