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Description: Many Canadians love to play that annual Tim Horton’s contest, Roll up the Rim, with its wide assortment of prizes. But this year you’ll only be able to roll up a real cup rim for the first two weeks of the contest. For the remainder of the time, you’ll be expected to bring a reusable cup and register through Tim’s rewards card to play the game online. Tim Horton’s will help customers with that by giving away over $1 million in reusable cups prior to the contest.

Date:  February 19, 2020




Discussion points:

1) Do you normally take part in the RUTR contest each year? Do you see lots of cups around your campus?

2) Do you agree with Mark Gordon’s prediction (as per the url) that the program is likely to fail in its new format? Why or why not?

3) Page 486 of Wiley’s Financial Accounting : Tools for Business Decision-Making tells us about franchises, including Tim Horton’s. Where does the value of a franchise appear on a balance sheet?

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