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Description: During this highly unusual situation with COVID-19, we have seen the sudden interruption of various professional sports seasons. This has left many part-time employees who worked in arenas and sports venues without work. In Calgary, the NHL Flames had originally taken the stance that the employees who weren’t working would not be paid. But the Flames had a sudden reversal of decision, and now they have announced there will be help for the part-timers.

Date:  March 15, 2020




Discussion points:

1) Have you found it hard to adjust to a life without sports?

2) What do you think can be done to help employees who have become unemployed because of closures due to the COVID-19?

3) On page 431 of Wiley’s Managerial Accounting : Tools for Business Decision-Making, you will find a discussion of setting a Sales Budget for the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks. Try an activity to build a sales budget for a team having a full NHL schedule, and then try to determine how the suspension of the season will impact things.

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