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Description: In a provocative headline a CBC story asked “COVID-19 changed how we work. Will it stick?” Out of lock-down necessity, Canada’s economy has seen a high number of work-at-home first-timers over these last several months. Some love it; some don’t. The article concludes quite fittingly “Getting everyone to stay home was relatively simple. Finding a way to get them back to the office will be a much more complicated affair.”

Date:  January 16, 2021



Discussion points:

1) Have you been working and/or studying at home during the Covid-19 crisis?

2) What do you like about work or study at home? What do you miss about the classroom or the workplace?

3) In Wiley’s Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making, Illustration 1-1 tells us about some of the questions internal users in an organization ask about financial information. Place yourself in the shoes of a human resources decision maker in a post-pandemic business. What sort of financial questions might you ask as you plan for a return of employees to the workplace?

One Response to “Will Changes Stick?”


    From my own point of view, If I were a human resource manager I will rather the statuesque of work-from-home continues as it is cost-effective. This will reduce the expenses of office maintenance and travel allowances which inevitably increase business profits. However, there will be a rise in the cost of internet facilities. All variables must be accessed and the one with less liability should be put in place for the final decision to be made.


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