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Description: In an extraordinary week of cold weather, Texas has been dealing with a crisis. Power failures left many Texans in the cold, then freezing water pipes and crippled water treatment plants created a shortage of clean drinking water. This crisis may prompt governments and utilities in North America to consider just how resilient our infrastructure is in dealing with extreme weather events.

Date:  February 19, 2021



Discussion points:

1) Have you ever lost your power for an extended period due to extreme weather? How did you deal with it?

2) If you were an executive at an electric utility, what lessons do you think you might learn from the troubles in Texas this past week?

3) Chapter 9 of Wiley’s Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making deals with reporting of long-lived assets. Do some research with your classmates to determine what range of useful lives electric utilities are using in depreciating their electrical grids.

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