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Description: Some Canadians are more than a bit shocked at the $68 sticker price on Lululemon’s Canadian Olympic Team winter mittens. Long gone are the $10 mittens offered to souvenir seekers by Hudsons Bay Company at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. But defenders of this year’s Olympic gear say Lululemon is offering a higher quality product, and that the retailer may be cultivating an exclusivity advantage through higher pricing.

Date:  February 8, 2022



Discussion points:

1) Do you know anyone who is wearing these Lululemon mittens on campus?

2) What lessons can you draw out of this story for marketing and strategy?

3) Page 8-29 of Wiley’s Understanding Financial Accounting speaks about the trademark name lululemon athletica inc. How often must the company renew its exclusive right to this trademark?

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