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Description: Western businesses have been pulling out of Russia as a signal of displeasure about the invasion of Ukraine. Fast food giant McDonalds has been among those joining the protest with its announcement that its 850 locations in Russia would close. The response by the Russians was perhaps a bit unexpected, with one politician announcing the famous golden arches would be replaced by Uncle Vanya’s, a hamburger chain with a remarkably familiar symbol.

Date:  March 18, 2022



Discussion points:

1) How closely have you been following the news regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine? As a student in a commerce course, what issues do you see the invasion causing for the economy?

2) In your opinion, has Uncle Vanya’s violated McDonald’s trademark? If so, what challenges might the company have in protecting the “golden arches?”

3) Page 8-29 in Wiley’s Understanding Financial Accounting discusses the intangible asset known as a trademark. Why do companies take such efforts to protect these intangible assets?

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