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Description: The inflationary trends on food prices have hit students at Canadian universities, where some have had to turn to campus food banks for relief. Erin O’Neill of the University of Alberta’s campus food bank reports that hundreds of students have registered with the program. Mount Royal University faculty produced survey results reporting food insecurity as an issue for 10 per cent of its students. Campus features a number of care cupboards that allow hungry students to acquire a snack for free.

Date: September 28, 2022



Discussion points:

1) Does your campus have a food bank or a care cupboard?

2) What do you think are the root causes of this food insecurity issue?

3) In chapter three of Wiley’s Audting: A Practical Approach we find a story Conrad Farrel of Calgary, founder of a kombucha producer. He notes that margins in the food industry “are razor thin.” Have margins been changing at all during this inflationary period? Do a bit of research to answer this question.

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