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Description: Sobeys has gone virtually silent in the face of an apparent data breach last week. Customers at Sobeys and other related Empire Company stores, found themselves unable to process transactions normally. Problems included filling prescriptions at the pharmacy. Another food company, Canada Packers, also had similar problems last week, but it took a different tack, choosing to go public with news that it was victim of an attack.

Date: November 9, 2022



Discussion points:

1) Why do you think Sobeys and Maple Leaf had such different responses to similar problems?

2) If you were a senior accounting officer at a company, how would you advise your colleagues to respond to a security breach?

3) Starting on page 7-8 of Wiley’s Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision-Making we see a discussion of the limitations of internal control. Which of these limitations might be most responsible when a company has an incident like Maple Leaf or Sobeys?

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