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Description: When Luc Massé of Shediac, New Brunswick, rolled up his rim for the first time this year playing Tim Horton’s annual contest, he was surprised to see a big win of a $10,000 American Express prepaid card. Massé smartly took a screen shot of the prize notification and began to dream of a trip to Ireland to help him and his wife celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. But Tim’s told Massé that there’s only supposed to be one $10,000 winner a day in Canada – and that day it was not him. The chain put the blame on a “technical error” that caused a small number of problems for other users with similar experiences to Luc Massé. Dalhousie University marketing professor Hamed Aghakhani said that while Tim’s lengthy terms and conditions may protect them financially, it doesn’t stop the damage to the firm’s public image.

Date:  March 8, 2023



Discussion points:

1) How many of your classmates play “Roll Up The Rim?” How does the online game compare with the pre-pandemic days of physically rolling up a cup rim?

2) If you were a financial executive at Tim Hortons, how would you advise your management colleagues to respond to this publicity problem?

3) On page 3-20 of Wiley’s Understanding Financial Accounting we read of the notion of more appropriately naming our accounting system as a double “double-entry system.” What problem might this cause for the proponents?

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