Craft Beer Sales Up

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Description: Two of Canada’s largest craft beer makers reported that sales were up in 2020, despite the fact that Corona virus had shut down sales channels in bars and restaurants. Big Rock Brewery of Calgary had its highest sales in seven years. Waterloo Brewing Ltd. saw strong growth of 20% during the year, a figure… Read more »

AG Trades Places

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Description: New Brunswick’s Auditor General, Kim Adair-MacPherson, has been announced as the next auditor general of Nova Scotia. She will be Nova Scotia’s first female auditor general when she takes over her new post on May 3. Ms. Adair-MacPherson fills a vacancy created when former Nova Scotia Auditor General Michael Pickup left to become Auditor… Read more »

See You in Court?

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Description: Last week this blog raised the matter of how the Auditor General of New Brunswick has been denied access to a government-created investment firm called Vestcor. This week, well-known accounting scholar, Dr. Steven Salterio, the Stephen J.R. Smith Chair of Accounting and AuditingĀ at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, weighed in on the issue. Dr…. Read more »

Air Canada to Offer Refunds

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Description: Well, after months of public debate, Air Canada is finally prepared to offer rebates to customers whose travel plans were shelved by the Covid-19 shutdown. This policy change appears to come in the midst of negotiations for some sort of federal bailout for Air Canada in these difficult economic times. Unfortunately, there has not… Read more »

Tax on Pop

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Description: British Columbia is moving to tax sugary soft-drinks starting on April 1. The provincial sales tax will also apply to the drinks carrying other natural or artificial sweeteners. Vaping supplies will also come under this tax initiative, and, streaming services like Netflix will be required to collect provincial sales tax if they do more… Read more »

An Expensive Shot

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Description: Now that was a costly injection: the head of the organization investing your Canada Pension Plan resigned last week after news broke that he had received a Covid-19 vaccine in Dubai. Mark Machin has said this trip to the Middle East was for personal reasons, but the timing of his trip comes with repercussions…. Read more »

Nothing to See Here

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Description: Nothing to see here, at least for the Office of the Auditor General of New Brunswick when it tries to find out about taxpayer money inside a government-created entity called Vestcor. Vestcor was legislated into existence by the Province in 2016, changing the organization managing pensions for civil servants into a private organization. It… Read more »

Changes Coming

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Description: For the last year or so, grocery stores have done quite well. Shuttered restaurants boosted sales at grocers as consumers were unable to eat out as they had been doing pre-Covid. Loblaws has reported its sales are up 10% over the previous year, but expectations are that 2021 will not see the same levels… Read more »

The Texas Cold Crisis

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Description: In an extraordinary week of cold weather, Texas has been dealing with a crisis. Power failures left many Texans in the cold, then freezing water pipes and crippled water treatment plants created a shortage of clean drinking water. This crisis may prompt governments and utilities in North America to consider just how resilient our… Read more »

Facebook Upset

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Description: Facebook is apparently unhappy with Australia’s efforts to have tech companies pay for news content on its feeds. In effect, Facebook has blocked sharing of Australian news on the platform in an attempt to convince Australia’s parliament that it has taken the wrong path. Don Pittis of CBC News wonders if Western democracies will… Read more »