The Sunwing Fiasco

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Description: After several days of delayed flights and upset passengers, Sunwing announced Thursday that it hoped to return to “close to normal operations” sometime on the weekend. A data breach at Airline Choice, the third-party supplier of Sunwing’s passenger system, caused cancellations and extensive delays as staff had to use manual processes to handle clients…. Read more »

Can’t Bring Your Own Cup

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Description: McDonalds Canada is facing criticism for its reluctance to accept reusable coffee mugs at its restaurants; all of its restaurants, that is, except for those in Vancouver. Like many chains, McDonalds started to refuse reusable coffee mugs early in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. But competitors such as Tim Hortons and Starbucks have reversed this policy… Read more »

Musk Wants Twitter

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Description: Elon Musk, the wealthiest man in the world, wants to buy his favourite social media company, Twitter. Musk already owns 9.1 percent of Twitter, and his “best and final” offer values the company at $43 billion, considerably higher than its current market capitalization. Corporate governance experts have mused that Musk may encounter obstacles as… Read more »

Actually, Things are Pretty Good!

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Description: CBC columnist Don Pitts offered an encouraging view this week for this time of rising interest rates, inflation pressures, war in Ukraine, and SARS-CoV-2 news. Pitts points out the importance of adopting historical perspective on the economy issue, quoting University of Toronto professor emeritus Jon Cohen who says “We’re the richest anybody’s been in… Read more »

The Etsy Boycott

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Description: Etsy, the well known marketing site for vendors of various handmade and artistic items, is facing a one-week boycott from some of its suppliers. The boycotts are fueled by vendors who are upset that Etsy has raised its commission from 5% to 6.5%. Etsy counters that the additional funds will allow it to provide… Read more »

Bargain Hunter’s Delight

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Description: Quick Pick is a bargain hunter’s delight with two locations in metro Ottawa. Quick Pick stocks items returned to online retailers like Amazon, creating value by providing a convenient way to deal with this inventory. New stock arrives every Friday, with all items starting at $25.99. Prices decline daily throughout the week, and, by… Read more »

Living Wage vs. Minimum Wage

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Description: As a Toronto Star opinion piece stated this past week, “A living wage is not the same as a minimum wage.” The current minimum wage in Ontario is $15 per hour, but the Ontario Living Wage Network calculates that someone living in Toronto requires $22.08 per hour in order to get by. Financial problems… Read more »

What’s This New Tax?

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Description: The latest federal government budget has announced a new 15% tax on bank profits over $1 billion. The way the government sees it, banks have done exceptionally well during the pandemic, a time when various federal programs assisted the economy. This special Canada Recovery Dividend could raise approximately $4 billion in government revenue, and… Read more »

Collusion on Beef Prices?

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Description: News came this past week that Canadians may be getting a bit of relief on rising food prices, at least where the cost of beef is concerned. Four meat packers, which together control 85% of Canada’s beef market, face a class-action lawsuit alleging that “the price of beef was fixed at an elevated, anticompetitive… Read more »

NBAG to Examine Covid Response

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Description: The auditor general (AG) of New Brunswick, Paul Martin, has been asked via a unanimous vote of the Legislative Assembly to examine the government’s response to the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic. NB’s Premier, Blaine Higgs, feels the time is right for the review now, given that the public health restrictions have been lifted. David Coon, the… Read more »