Still Rising

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Description: The Corona virus crisis has been bad news for certain business sectors, but you can’t say that about real estate. The market continues to be red hot with the Canadian Real Estate Association’s declaration that home prices are up 17% in this past year. Some have suggested that with the virus keeping more families… Read more »

Back to Orange

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Description: New Brunswick and its Maritime cousins, PEI and Nova Scotia, have been the envy of other parts of Canada due to their deft handling of the Corona virus crisis. But this past week, two health zones in New Brunswick were placed back in orange status, after weeks of relative freedom under the yellow banner…. Read more »

Pilots Take a Cut

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Description: WestJet pilots have agreed to take a 50% pay cut to keep more of them working during these interesting times. Though WestJet originally thought the effect of the pandemic on air travel would force a reduction of about 1,200 staff, the pilots’ offer has cut the number to around 450. Actions like this across… Read more »

Taking on the Giant

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Description: Canada’s competition bureau is taking on Amazon, the giant of the retail world that has only grown stronger during the Covid-19 period. The basic problem, as has been observed by US Senator Elizabeth Warren, is that Amazon owns the marketplace, and the company sells its wares in that same market. This conflict of interest… Read more »

CRA wants to do your taxes

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Description: The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) wants to do your taxes. That might save you some time and labour, but it doesn’t please everyone. In Britain and France where such a system has been tried, it has delivered some questionable results. And given that a 2017 report by the Auditor General of Canada said that… Read more »

Rapid tests

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Description: Air Canada has ordered 25,000 Covid-19 test kits that may be able to detect the virus in about five minutes. With the airline industry being battered as the virus dissuades passengers from flying, the test kits may offer a way to convince potential customers to take to the sky once again. A quick test… Read more »

RBC and the Arctic

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Description: On Friday RBC announced that it would not be funding new oil drilling projects in the Arctic. Neither would the giant bank be financing new coal-fired projects. Andrew Block, speaking on behalf of RBC, said “We are committed to finding ways to balance the transition to a low-carbon economy.” It will be interesting to… Read more »

More on the MEC

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Description: Last week this blog featured a story on the sale of Canada’s Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) to Kingswood Capital Management. This week comes news that MEC considered another alternative to solve its financial problems: a direct appeal to its close to six million members. But the decision-makers rejected the member bailout model as “impracticable… Read more »

Big Demand for Exercise Gear

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Description: The pandemic has changed a lot of things, and one of those is how Canadians are pursuing fitness goals. With gyms shut down, or operating under various restrictions, Canadians are stocking up on sports equipment for home and outdoors. The Peloton ‘smart bike’ is a popular – if pricey – choice for some, clocking… Read more »

Now That’s a Hack

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Description: Several weeks after a cyber-attack, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) reports that it is “working diligently to restore access to all services as quickly as possible.” Taxpayers have found some of the familiar online services are still not being offered. The CRA says that the fact that some of its employees have been working… Read more »