First Union at Amazon

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Description: This past Friday workers at an Amazon warehouse in New York voted in favour of a union, a first for Amazon workers in the United States. The Amazon Labour Union (ALU) garnered roughly 55% of the votes cast. The victory comes on the heels of an unsuccessful bid to unionize another Amazon facility in… Read more »

Certifying Financial Advisors

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Description: This past Wednesday, the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario revealed its plan to ensure “financial advisors” and “financial planners” would have to comply with minimum criteria. Currently, anyone who wants to can hang out their shingle calling themself a financial planner or advisor, thereby potentially confusing consumers. These changes will be accomplished in… Read more »

Rogers-Shaw Deal Approved

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Description: Rogers Communications has received approval from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) for its $26 billion plan to purchase Shaw Communications. As part of the approval, Rogers must provide over $27 million to support specific initiatives, including support for local news. Rogers must secure separate approval from the Competition Bureau and Innovation, Science… Read more »

Green Bonds

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Description: This past week Ottawa carried out its first sale of green bonds. The federal government raised $5 billion in the transaction, with the proceeds slated to be directed towards fighting climate change. These bonds have an interest rate of 2.25%, two basis points lower than federal bonds of a similar maturity. Trevor Bateman, of… Read more »

Ask for a Raise!

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Description: With rising inflation in Canada, workers are asking for raises to keep up with the costs. If they don’t get one, they are showing an increasing willingness to move on to a new job. This change in employee outlook is quite intriguing. James Orlando, an economist at TD bank, said that “workers have not… Read more »

Uncle Vanya’s Somewhat Familiar Logo

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Description: Western businesses have been pulling out of Russia as a signal of displeasure about the invasion of Ukraine. Fast food giant McDonalds has been among those joining the protest with its announcement that its 850 locations in Russia would close. The response by the Russians was perhaps a bit unexpected, with one politician announcing… Read more »

Here’s a Good News Story!

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Description: Canada’s economy is back! Back to pre-pandemic levels that is, with Canada adding over 300,000 jobs in February, knocking the unemployment rate down to 5.5%, below what it was in March 2020, and close to Canada’s all-time low. Desjardins economist Royce Mendes noted that “businesses in accommodation and food services and information, culture and… Read more »

Where’s the Co-op Housing?

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Description: Rising rents have been a problem in many areas in Canada, adding one more log on the inflationary fire that Canadians have been experiencing. Housing co-operatives – or co-ops for short – offer an attractive alternative for controlling housing costs, where they are available. Though co-ops have operated in Canada for many years, there… Read more »

5G for less than $1G

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Description: Apple’s product announcement on Tuesday brought some nice price news to consumers with the release of the latest SE version of the iPhone. This scaled-down iPhone SE is to be priced at $429 when it hits stores on March 18. Though this version of the SE has a faster processor than the previous version,… Read more »