Check the Cheque Stub

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Description: Things are changing in personal taxation for Canadians in 2020 and these changes will show up in various deductions on your paycheque stub. Finance Minister Bill Morneau had told Canadians to expect significant tax cuts to help the middle class. But financial planner Janet Gray says she would not count on people noticing any… Read more »

Things Looking Up at Lululemon

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Description: Things are looking up at popular Canadian “athleisure” vendor Lululemon. The Vancouver based retailer recorded net income of over $125 million in the third quarter, up about $30 million from the same period last year. The company is expanding its repertoire of products, moving into the self-care line of shampoo and body lotions. In… Read more »

No Dividend This Quarter

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Description: Other companies may be handing out their quarterly dividends, but not Westjet; at least not this quarter. Though the board had declared a dividend of 14 cents a share at an October meeting, the company is now bypassing the cash payment that was scheduled for December 31. Westjet has been purchased by Onex, and… Read more »

Rich Or Poor?

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Description: November was a bad month for Canadian employment with Canada losing over 70,000 jobs, while our neighbour to the south added over a quarter million. For Canada, this was our worst result in ten years. Financial Post Columnist Jack Mintz offers “that propping up consumer demand by running deficits and distributive tax policies is… Read more »

4 Tips on Debt

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Description: With many out doing their Christmas shopping, fears of personal debt are often around the corner. The Toronto Star offered four tips to keep you out of trouble. Number one is decide what to spend, then cut that number in half. Date:  December 2, 2019 Source:   Link: Discussion points: 1) Have… Read more »

Food Prices Heading Up

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Description: Oh no – food prices are heading up. A family of four is predicted to have to spend an additional $500 on their food purchases in 2020. Unpredictable weather is the culprit, creating uncertainty in food production for farmers in Canada and elsewhere. Date:  December 5, 2019 Source: Link:   Discussion points:… Read more »

Second Cup Acquires Bridgehead

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Description: Popular Ottawa-area coffee chain Bridgehead has been purchased by Second Cup for close to $10 million. Bridgehead has a history of supporting fair trade in the coffee business. The intent is that Bridgehead will be able to keep its own identity under the new ownership, allowing the brand to expand outside of the Ottawa… Read more »

Restructuring in Fish Packing

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Description: Sardine giant Connors Brothers in Blacks Harbour, New Brunswick, has entered corporate restructuring under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act. Production at the plant continues, good news for suppliers and the up to 800 employees. This is the last plant in North America that still processes the tiny sardines. Date:  November 29, 2019 Source:… Read more »

Black Friday: Some Go For Sales; Others Protest

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Description: Imported directly from the United States: that appears to be one way to describe the increasing popularity of retail sales in Canada on the day after the American Thanksgiving. This Black Friday trend is replacing Boxing Day as the landmark retail event for Canadian consumers. Meanwhile, other citizens in a number of cities worldwide… Read more »

Lots of Telecom Complaints

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Description: It may not be a surprise: complaints against telecom companies in Canada have hit record levels. The Commission for Complaints for Telecom-television Services (CCTS) said complaints were up 35 per cent for the year ended July 31. Bell Canada was at the top – or should that be the bottom? – with 30% of… Read more »