Google ad revenue misses target

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Description: It’s big. Real big;  Big like  $16.52 billion. And it’s up 20% from last year. But Google’s third quarter advertising revenue failed to meet analysts expectations, while its key metric of cost-per-click continued a downward trend. Source: Globe and Date: October 16, 2014 Link: Questions for Discussion: 1) So what exactly are… Read more »

Battle turns messy

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Description:  Divorce can be complicated enough. But throw in major business interests involving  both partners and divorce can expand to include major issues of corporate governance, strategy, and costing. These issues have come to the fore in Ottawa recently, where Brian McGarry wants his ex-wife Sharon McGarry removed from the board of Wakefield Crematorium, alleging… Read more »

K-cup versus Club

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Description:  They’ve transformed the coffee world, these single-serve brewing units like Kuerig and Tassimo. And now a Toronto company, Club Coffee LP, is suing Kuerig Green Mountain Inc for alleged anti-competitive practices. Club Coffee makes its own pods which are compatible with the Kuerig machines. And the patent on the K-Cup technology has expired. But… Read more »

Should we be recounting?

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Description:  The recent New Brunswick election not only produced a new government; it also produced a rather intriguing situation when  the vote counting machines malfunctioned, causing concerns about the process. Elections NB  blamed the problem on a software malfunction. Meanwhile, a number of political officials have been calling for hand counts of the ballots. Source:… Read more »

King of the bonds loses kingdom

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Description:  Bond King Bill Gross has resigned from the firm he founded. Gross left Pimco – Pacific Investment Management Co. – after a number of months of apparent internal struggles. Gross had been the face of the firm for over thirty years. But now his pictures have disappeared from the company website. The firm’s new… Read more »

Blackberry: Passport to a future?

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Description:  It was a big news week for Blackberry. First, the struggling technology company released a new handset called the Passport. Then, Blackberry announced its second quarter results. Although the company continues to lose money, its loss of 2 cents per share was considerably lower than the 16 cents per share anticipated by analysts. Source:… Read more »