Steam Whistle and Beau’s Beer

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Description: Craft brewers Beau’s and Steam Whistle, two well-known producers with popular brands, have joined forces. Last year the two companies had engaged in some cooperation on the distribution side. This latest move allows Beau’s co-founder Tim Beauchesne to transition into retirement, a sometimes tricky issue for entrepreneurs. Steam Whistle’s marketing expertise will also help… Read more »

Misconduct at IWK

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Description: Tracy Kitch has been found guilty of fraud over $5,000 for her misuse of a corporate credit card at the IWK Children’s Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kitch was formerly the CEO of the well-known institution, and following allegations of misconduct in 2017, she repaid the IWK for personal items charged to the card…. Read more »

Problems at PWC

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Description: Regulators in both Canada and the United States have slapped roughly $1 million in fines on auditing giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) for an internal cheating scandal in which 1,200 employees were implicated. Last year, PWC Australia faced a similar problem that resulted in over $600,000 in fines. One certainly hopes that the cheating did not… Read more »

We’re Picking up the Tab

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Description: Toronto Star columnist Armine Yalnizyan argues that a lot of Canadians will be picking up the tab for the truckers protest that surrounded Parliament Hill for over three weeks. Just one shopping location, the Rideau Centre, has been estimated to have lost $3 million a day in retail sales. With the federal government offering… Read more »

The Cupcake Fraud?

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Description: While delivering a verdict in a tax fraud case on Thursday, Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Robin Gogan said “What was being baked here was a scam of epic portions.” Four women from Cape Breton were found guilty of fraud and a variety of violations under the Excise Tax Act. The scheme consisted of… Read more »

Hard to Trust?

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Description: Suzanne Bergeron Stonehouse said “You just want to scream,” after she found out that Georges ‘Tiger’ Samman was handing out thousands of dollars to truckers participating in the protest in Ottawa. She and her husband have been trying for months to recover thousands of dollars they had paid on deposit to a contractor that… Read more »

Lays vs Loblaws

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Description: Supply chain problems are starting to get personal for some snack lovers. Frito-Lay has apparently stopped shipping the treats consumers love, like Doritos and Lays brand potato chips, to Loblaw. Its all due to the fact that Loblaw has been refusing Frito-Lay’s requests to pump up its prices to cover its rising costs in… Read more »

NFT on the Museum Wall

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Description: Non-fungible tokens – or NFTs, as they are popularly called – are unique digital artworks protected through blockchain technology. As the interest in NFTs has grown, art galleries and museums have started to show these digital works as part of their collections. These crypto assets are subject to hacking and cyber crime, however, adding… Read more »

Those $68 Mittens!

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Description: Some Canadians are more than a bit shocked at the $68 sticker price on Lululemon’s Canadian Olympic Team winter mittens. Long gone are the $10 mittens offered to souvenir seekers by Hudsons Bay Company at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. But defenders of this year’s Olympic gear say Lululemon is offering a higher quality… Read more »