Big City Salary in a Small Town

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Description: With all the work at home that Canadians have already been doing since 2020, some big city employees have up and moved to smaller, more livable locales. Alejandra McLatchie and her family have moved from the Toronto area to Upper Tantallon, N.S., taking her big city salary to a new home on a two… Read more »

Right to Repair

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Description: After sustained pressure from the so-called right to repair movement, Apple has agreed to make certain spare parts available to consumers who want to fix their own iPhones and laptops. Apple had previously resisted the notion of consumers repairing their own devices, though a couple of years ago, it opened its parts and tool… Read more »

Greyhounds for Sale

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Description: With Greyhound bus line winding down its business in Canada, the company is selling off its fleet of buses. Corporate Assets Inc. is handling the auction of 38 of these units, with the bidding scheduled for January 18, 2022. Greyhound operated in Canada for close to 100 years, and its exit may be especially… Read more »

Blowing the Whistle

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Description: When Peter Cook, a former ‘franchise’ holder, took the Crown corporation NB Liquor to court over the awarding of a contract to a different store owner in the small town of Hartland, it was probably somewhat embarrassing for the government of New Brunswick, (the sole ‘shareholder’ of NB Liquor). But this past week allegations… Read more »

Payroll Burden

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Description: With Canadians already facing a squeeze from rising prices, 2022 promises some additional trouble with the news that payroll burdens will rise. Both the rate and the yearly maximum contribution will be increasing for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). And while Employment Insurance (EI) rate will not jump in 2022, the overall maximum contribution… Read more »

Electric Car Takes Off

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Description: Rivian is a tiny company in the electric vehicle space, having only produced around 150 vehicles so far. But it does have a couple of big backers, namely Amazon and Ford. Rivian went public last week through an initial public offering (IPO) that might be called a spectacular takeoff. Despite its marked lack of… Read more »

An $8.5 Billion Drop

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Description: Peleton, the exercise equipment manufacturer that benefited greatly from a pandemic-fueled rise in home exercise, has suffered a loss of $8.5 billion in market valuation after decreasing its sales forecasts for 2022. Net income will also be impacted by a price-cut on Peleton’s flagship bike as well as rising shipping costs. A loss of… Read more »

Career Shock

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Description: Some are calling it ‘career shock.’ The Covid-19 impacts such as shifting to work at home, being laid off, or seeing colleagues and friends laid off, has forced employees towards deep reflection about the future of their own careers. In the United States they’ve given a name to the phenomenon of workers in low-wage… Read more »

Better Than Expected

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Description: Canadians turn out to be more financially literate than they anticipated. In a survey conducted by Canada Life, Canadians were first asked to self-assess their own level of financial acumen. Then, the same survey proceeded to ask them a number of questions around specific financial topics, such as what are the differences between TFSAs… Read more »

G20 and the Minimum Tax

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Description: Politicians meeting at the G20 conference Saturday have endorsed the notion of a minimum corporate tax. The countries of the G20 make up about 80% of the world’s economic output. The fact that leaders of these competing economies have agreed on this minimum corporate tax is part of an effort to prevent corporations from… Read more »