Budget balancing

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Description: The federal government released its budget this week, with a planned surplus of over a billion dollars. One of the tax measures for Canadians was an increase in tax free savings account limit to $10,000 per year. There were also changes in the small business tax rate. Source: thestar.com Date:  April 21, 2015 Link:… Read more »

Pension funds say on pay

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Description: Three major pension funds are ready to throw out the board of Barrick Gold because they are concerned about the company’s executive pay plan. One of the three pension funds also expressed concerns about pay practices at CIBC. Although these funds are only minority shareholders, their public statements may raise important points regarding concerns… Read more »

Mobile gaming rewards

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Description:  McGill grad Jeremy Zuckerman is looking to disrupt the world of mobile gaming. He plans a unique strategy of paying cash rewards to players of games offered by his company WINR Games. Success does not come easily in this $21 billion industry, so it will be interesting to see if Jeremy’s reward ploy works… Read more »

Down, but is it out?

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Description: Last week Globe and Mail political  writer Jeffrey Simpson had a tersely worded warning for one Canadian province: “New Brunswick is flat on its fiscal back.” The article noted that New Brunswick is “the worst case in Canada” in terms of fiscal problems. One issue seems to be a reluctance to raise the harmonized… Read more »

A sweet story

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Description: It’s spring.  The sap is flowing. And the world’s largest maple syrup producer, the Province of Quebec, is facing increased competition from American competitors. Whereas Quebec once controlled 80% of the market through its tight supply management system, it is predicted that by 2018, that figure could drop to 63%. Source: Globeandmail.com Date:  April… Read more »

Art auction surprises Christies

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Description: Two anonymous 19th century Canadian paintings sold last Wednesday in London for a lot price of close to $1 million. This was over a dozen times Christie’s original estimate of what the lot might attract. A representative of Christies auctioneers was obviously “thrilled.” Source: Globeandmail.com Date:  April 1, 2015 Link: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/art-and-architecture/paintings-netting-nearly-1-million-set-new-benchmark-in-canadian-art-sales/article23757063= Discussion Points: 1)… Read more »

MEC’s new space

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Description: Mountain Equipment Co-operative (MEC)  has a brand new head office space in Vancouver and it seems to be one that fits MEC’s vision. The four-story HQ which has an employee lounge with mountain views, in addition to a climbing wall and bike lockers, is about 70% more energy efficient than  comparable commercial buildings. CFO… Read more »

MBA in decline?

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Description: There are over 40 MBA programs in Canada and many, many more in the United States. A funny thing happened after the financial crisis though. Canadians have been enrolling in MBA programs in smaller numbers, causing a number of those concerned to begin rethinking the MBA model. Source: GlobeandMail.com Date:  April 3, 2015; updated… Read more »