Paper? What paper?

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  Description: Can it still be called a newspaper if you don’t print it on paper anymore? Well, La Presse, a French language newspaper with a history of over 130 years in publication, will be switching to a digital version only (with the exception of Saturdays) beginning in 2016. Over the last 10 years, the… Read more »

Lazaridis donates big to WLU

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Description: Wilfred Laurier University of Waterloo, Ontario has named its business school after Blackberry co-founder Mike Lazaridis.  Mr. Lazaridis has had a long association with the University of Waterloo, but he has made a pledge of $20 million to Laurier for funding an institute offering technology management skills. The government of Ontario has joined in… Read more »

KPMG survey shows student plans and concerns

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Description: A recent survey by KPMG shows students are looking far and wide for post-graduation employment. The survey covered business students in 27 countries, and, in all, close to 90 percent of them are looking at international opportunities amid concerns over the economy. Another interesting finding of the KPMG survey was that this generation of… Read more »

Beating a drum

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Description: Ten years ago Larry Guay faced a huge challenge when his business of building furniture components was undercut by cheap knock-offs from competitors. Rather than fold up the manufacturing plant, he shifted product focus and together with his wife started Los Cabos Drumsticks. The team took their show on the road in the early… Read more »

Budget balancing

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Description: The federal government released its budget this week, with a planned surplus of over a billion dollars. One of the tax measures for Canadians was an increase in tax free savings account limit to $10,000 per year. There were also changes in the small business tax rate. Source: Date:  April 21, 2015 Link:… Read more »

Pension funds say on pay

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Description: Three major pension funds are ready to throw out the board of Barrick Gold because they are concerned about the company’s executive pay plan. One of the three pension funds also expressed concerns about pay practices at CIBC. Although these funds are only minority shareholders, their public statements may raise important points regarding concerns… Read more »

Mobile gaming rewards

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Description:  McGill grad Jeremy Zuckerman is looking to disrupt the world of mobile gaming. He plans a unique strategy of paying cash rewards to players of games offered by his company WINR Games. Success does not come easily in this $21 billion industry, so it will be interesting to see if Jeremy’s reward ploy works… Read more »