Death Spiral

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Description:  The Globe and Mail is saying New Brunswick is in a ‘death spiral’ financially. The problem is that the tiny province is in the last stages of an election campaign and none of the political leaders really seems to be seriously engaging the issue. In the past ten years, New Brunswick has basically doubled… Read more »

Costing Calgary 2.0

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Description:  It all comes down to the numbers. Supporters of Calgary’s bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics are quoting optimistic figures showing that $5 billion plus in costs for the Games will produce 5 times the benefits in economic impacts. On the other side are skeptics claiming the games will leave the three levels of… Read more »

Hey Ticketmaster!

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Description:  Have you ever wondered if you were paying a bit too much for those tickets you’ve been buying from Ticketmaster? Well, joint undercover research by the CBC and the Toronto Star has revealed some disturbing news. It appears that Ticketmaster is permitting high volume scalpers to use its TradeDesk system. Scalpers can buy significant… Read more »

Sobeys sees higher prices

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Description:  While Loblaws hit the news last week on the taxation front, another big Canadian grocer, Sobeys, made the news by predicting an increase in food prices. The reason: transportation costs and tariffs. An increase in minimum wages in some jurisdictions is also offered as another reason for rising prices. Date: September 13 , 2018 Source:… Read more »

The Bug

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Description:  The Volkswagen Beetle – often popularly known as the Bug – is on the endangered species list. Volkswagen announced last week that the final editions of the Beetle will probably roll off of the assembly line by next summer. CEO Hinrich Woebcken of Volkswagen USA did hold out a bit of hope for a revival… Read more »

Loblaws and taxes

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Description:  Loblaws, a major Canadian grocer, was hit with a massive $368 million tax bill in a case held before the Tax Court of Canada. The case was not directed against the grocery business, but rather at a Bahamian banking subsidiary of the grocery chain. Although Loblaws intends to appeal the decision, officials announced that… Read more »

That sinking feeling

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Description:  The Canadian economy took a jobs hit in August. The unemployment rate climbed to 6 per cent with a net job loss of 51,600 on the month. Losses in the part-time sector seemed to be a big factor in the decline. Alberta moved up in jobs while Ontario slipped backwards. In New Brunswick, a… Read more »

Nike boosts Colin Kaepernick

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Description:  This past week saw the start of the NFL season. It also saw Nike jumping into the middle of the storm surrounding quarterback Colin Kaepernick by including him as the central figure in a new advertising campaign. Colin Kaepernick has been  a figure of some controversy, given his practice of not standing for the national… Read more »

Bouchard in Bahamas

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Description:  Warm weather and beautiful beaches are among the top reasons a Canadian might want to set up residence in the Bahamas. But if you are a rich tennis star like Eugénie Bouchard, the fact that there is no income tax is another important consideration that may have prompted her to take up residence there. Her… Read more »