Worth remembering

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Description: On December 6, many gathered in Halifax for a special ceremony commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. On December 6, 1917, two ships collided in Halifax harbour. One of them, heavily loaded with munitions, caught fire and soon exploded, leveling neighborhoods, killing approximately 2,000 people, and injuring many more. Professor Jack Rozdilsky… Read more »

AG and Premier collide

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Description: Meanwhile, in Nova Scotia, Premier Stephen McNeil questioned the findings of provincial Auditor General Michael Pickup regarding a shortage of physicians in Nova Scotia. The Premier appeared to be saying that Mr. Pickup had strayed into the policy field in his audit of doctor shortages in Nova Scotia. He noted that if the Auditor… Read more »

RBC goes AI

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Description: Last week this blog noted how Montreal is moving ahead with the aerospace industry. This week, Montreal is in the spotlight again. RBC is investing in an AI (artificial intelligence) laboratory in Montreal, building on its business efforts with this technology in Edmonton and Toronto. Date: November 21, 2017 Source: ctvnews.ca Link: http://montreal.ctvnews.ca/rbc-looks-to-get-smart-with-montreal-artificial-intelligence-lab-1.3687375 Discussion… Read more »

Aerospace booming in Quebec

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Description: Not that long ago Bombardier appeared in some trouble and was cutting staff. But this week Bombardier disclosed plans to hire 1,000 additional workers over the next 18 months. And it’s not just Bombardier with good news for Quebec workers. Aerospace Montreal, an industry promoter, predicted over 30,000 aerospace jobs would need to be… Read more »

How do we change the culture?

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Description: This past week a study revealed that only 5% of Canadian tech companies have been founded by females. A similar 5% have a female CEO with females representing only 13% of the executive team. Further, 53% of these tech companies had no female executives. About a month ago, the Canadian Security Administrators released a… Read more »

Layoffs at Loblaws

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Description: Loblaws has announced that roughly 500 administrative staff will be laid off in a cost-cutting move. Loblaws stated the cost cutting is to help cope with rising costs – perhaps such as an increase in the minimum wage. As well, the company cited increasing competitive forces as another reason they had to give this… Read more »

Taxing Discounts?

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Description: As if there wasn’t enough disquiet on the taxation front, this week things went a bit wild on the whole issue of employee discounts. You know, you work at a restaurant and you get a free meal. Or perhaps you work part-time at a sporting goods store, so your boss gives you 20% off… Read more »

The hardship fund lacks funding

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Description: Sears Canada was back in the news this week as it shuttered some of its Canadian stores while keeping others open. Sears was also seeking an extension of its creditor protection to allow time to rearrange its affairs. Meanwhile, former Sears employees are recruiting legal help in trying to figure out what happened to… Read more »

Auditors have their own day now?

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Description: I took a second look this week when a tweet from the New Zealand Office of the Auditor General told me auditors now had their own day for pride in their profession – #AuditorProud .The Office had features on why various staff members took pride in their work, describing their feelings about the profession…. Read more »