Ford changes gears quickly

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Description: Ford Motor Company has changed gears on its plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico. In the face of incoming U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to invoke a border tax, the auto builder decided to rethink its position. Canadians may be wondering about what all this means for the automakers’ plans to… Read more »

Nice work if you can get it!

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Description: It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that CEOs are well compensated. But did you realize that shortly before noon hour on January 3, the second work day of the year, the CEOs at the top rung in Canada will have earned more than the average Canadian worker will earn for all… Read more »

Loving that office space

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Description: Chandeliers in the washroom. A trendy coffee bar down the hall. These are some of the pleasant features in Nicola Morgan’s co-working space where desk rentals begin at $125 per month. It’s a growing and attractive option for professionals and others. Date: November 24, 2016 Source: Link: Discussion Points: 1) This article… Read more »

What do I need to know about job churn?

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Description: What do you really need to know about  job churn? This concept of job churn sounds a bit unpleasant – and indeed it is. Young Canadians are facing increased job insecurity, with jobs offering any sense of permanency fading from the scene. Part time work and jobs with no benefits are a new normal…. Read more »

How about those co-op placements?

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Description: How about those co-op placements? Universities and community colleges have been offering them in various forms as the discussion of experiential learning enters the common vocabulary. Everything isn’t always rosy with co-op placements though. Unpaid service and uncertain legal status may be some of the downsides on these attempts to provide students with practical… Read more »

Big cuts at Bombardier

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Description: Bombardier announced this week that it’s cutting about 10% of its workforce. This is around 7,500 jobs in total, with about 2,000 or so of those at home here in Canada. CEO Alain Bellemare cited competitive pressures as prompting these cuts. Two-thirds of this latest round of layoffs will hit Bombardier’s rail division. Date:… Read more »

Competition Bureau and Loblaws

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Description: The Competition Bureau is running into trouble in its ongoing investigation of Loblaw’s pricing practices. The problem seems to be that Loblaw’s suppliers seem  reluctant to talk to the regulator for fear that Loblaws might retaliate against them. One thing the Bureau may be examining is Loblaw’s controversial practice of asking for 1.45 %… Read more »

Finally after seven years

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Description: After seven long years, it looks like Nortel pensioners will have a better deal as this bankruptcy saga winds down. While pensioners are probably relieved to see issues settled, it has been a very expensive process. The total for legal and professional services paid out of the Nortel funds is over $2.5 billion, making… Read more »

CRA and the Panama Papers

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Description: Look out: the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is coming for you. That is, if you are one of the over 2,500 Canadians named in the Panama Papers. It’s too late for voluntary disclosure according to the CRA. This means that those investigated could face penalties if the results of audit indicate taxes are owing… Read more »


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Description: In our world of hashtags galore, perhaps this one took you by surprise: #AuditorProud. It’s an effort to attract more people to the accounting profession and show the role of the auditor in capital markets. This is the second such #AuditorProud day, sponsored by  the Centre for Audit Quality – an organization associated with… Read more »