The Gotoo

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Description: It is still at the concept stage mind you. But the Gotoo is an intriguing concept vehicle – kind of a small bus designed to replace regular cars and trucks inside metropolitan areas. The concept offers a reduction in traffic problems by being a shared vehicle. The designers envision a customized interior that adapts… Read more »

Going negative

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Description: Try this one on for size: you pay the bank for the privilege of holding your money. Sounds pretty strange doesn’t it? But with stagnant economic growth, central banks in several jurisdictions are crossing the boundary between low interest rates and negative rates – effectively chargingĀ  banks to place their funds with the central… Read more »

Think twice before using company email

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Description: One major outcome of the Ashley Madison security failure last year was the number of public-sector email addresses implicated as users. The hack revealed users at the RCMP, the Canada Revenue Agency, the Justice Department and the armed forces were using their employers’ email service to search the Ashley Madison site. This raises questions… Read more »

Employees will get paid

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Description: This is a bit of good news in what has been a week of bad news for Goodwill Industries of Toronto, Eastern, Central and Northern Ontario. Last Sunday when employees arrived for work, they found the doors were locked. The organization is experiencing cash flow problems and employees were wondering if they would be… Read more »

Could accountants help here?

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Description: The CEO overseeing 2/3 of the provincial hospital system says major changes are needed and that we need to move away from the traditional reliance on hospitals. But the politician overseeing New Brunswick’s strategic program review says that there won’t be any major cuts to health care and education. Citizens have been left wondering… Read more »

Try this!

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Description: Looking for an edge as you graduate this spring and look ahead to your career? Could it be as simple as trying three simple things? Columnist Leah Eichler offers three simple tips to give you an edge at work: Stretch yourself Tell great stories Be happy Source: Date: December 31, 2015 Link:… Read more »

Let’s take a walk

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Description: Steve Jobs was fond of it. And apparently so too is John O’Donnell, the CEO of Allstate Insurance in Canada. Mr. ODonnell and his staff can often be found in a walking meeting, roaming the paths aroundĀ  Allstate’s Markham head office. There are benefits to thinking outside the box of the office walls as… Read more »

Canada’s export edge

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Description: A December 2015 report from the Conference Board of Canada discusses Canada’s growth potential in the expanding world market for services. Information processing and professional services are a couple of the key areas offering opportunities in this global marketplace. The report notes that one of the important strategic moves that will help fuel growth… Read more »

Is it too small to measure?

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Description: The Ontario government has delivered close to $1.5 billion in support to business since 2004. But Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk revealed last week that the government can’t tell its citizens whether or not all this funding has produced jobs or economic growth. The province’s minister responsible for the economic development portfolio countered that… Read more »

Cutting back to profit

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Description: CIBC and TD Bank reported their year end financial results last week and one thing both banks shared were heavy costs related to job cutbacks. The cuts seemed aimed at reducing costs on a go forward basis to make the banks more competitive. Banks are envisioning competitive challenges – a sort of Uberization of… Read more »