The Gotoo

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Description: It is still at the concept stage mind you. But the Gotoo is an intriguing concept vehicle – kind of a small bus designed to replace regular cars and trucks inside metropolitan areas. The concept offers a reduction in traffic problems by being a shared vehicle. The designers envision a customized interior that adapts… Read more »

Going Private

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Description: It appears that the owners of the Canadian arm of Sirius XM radio are planning to take the company private. This means that the US bsed company Sirius  XM Holdings Inc and several major Canadian investors will have to acquire the shares that are publicly held, estimated at over 30 percent of over 100… Read more »

The unfit Fitbit

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Description: Some are calling Fitbit’s new offering a ‘not-so-smart watch.’ Unveiled at Las Vegas’s giant consumer electronics show earlier this month, and priced at $199, Fitbit’s new Blaze is being criticized for its lack of apps. Meanwhile with competitors like Samsung and Under Armour looking for breakthroughs, and Apple Watch version 2 on the horizon,… Read more »

Target’s creditors still waiting

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Description: One year ago Target announced the end of its short-lived Canadian experiment and quickly exited the country. But landlords, suppliers and other creditors are still waiting to find out how much they might recover. Creditors could be waiting for months to hear the answer. Source: Date: January 14, 2016 Link: Discussion Points:… Read more »

A new way to repay student loans

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  Description: Not liking the look of the climbing balance in your student loan? Wondering how you are ever going to repay that thing after you graduate and start working? Well, how about using a travel rewards program such as Aeroplan to help pay down that debt? Two provinces have already started such a program… Read more »

Tracking down the secret payments

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Description: Grabbing much attention in the Ontario media in recent days has been the ongoing discussion about secret payments by the Ontario government to the province’s teachers’ unions. During negotiations, the government paid approximately $3.7 million to the unions to cover various administrative costs associated with the negotiations. This week a legislative committee in Ontario… Read more »

Big banks cut costs

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Description: TD Bank, CIBC, the National Bank and the Bank of Nova Scotia, all representatives of a highly profitable Canadian banking sector, all appear to be in a cost-cutting mode. One of TD’s moves will be to shrink its branch footprint through amalgamations and closures of branches. But TD is also proposing shrinking the actual… Read more »

A sweet story

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Description: It’s spring.  The sap is flowing. And the world’s largest maple syrup producer, the Province of Quebec, is facing increased competition from American competitors. Whereas Quebec once controlled 80% of the market through its tight supply management system, it is predicted that by 2018, that figure could drop to 63%. Source: Date:  April… Read more »

Art auction surprises Christies

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Description: Two anonymous 19th century Canadian paintings sold last Wednesday in London for a lot price of close to $1 million. This was over a dozen times Christie’s original estimate of what the lot might attract. A representative of Christies auctioneers was obviously “thrilled.” Source: Date:  April 1, 2015 Link: Discussion Points: 1)… Read more »

More on the Target exit

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Description: Documents requested by Target Canada’s suppliers indicate that the retailer began considering winding down in Canada early last fall. Target contacted its Canadian law firm in September to look at various “strategic options.” Target’s suppliers are upset as they believe that Target should have begun reducing orders of inventory – rather than increasing them… Read more »