Disappointment on Target

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Description: Target began its liquidation of inventory in its Canadian stores this past week. And it seems that in some respects the retailer which disappointed Canadians is continuing to disappoint in its exit from the country. Empty shelves and slim discounts were on the minds of shoppers. One shopper told the Globe and Mail that… Read more »

Holstein hero

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Description: Rosafe Signet is sort of a household name in Cuba, but he is barely known in his Canadian home. This prize Holstein bull is the father of much of Cuba’s dairy herd. Now, with President Obama’s warming of relations towards Cuba, and the actions of a determined Vancouver attorney named Carey Linde fronting the… Read more »

How about those fees for flying?

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Description: Air Canada recently reported its best quarter in corporate history. No doubt all those extra fees airline customers have to pay fit somewhere into that profitable picture. In the US, this so-called ancillary income – where it is disclosed – is up from $2.5 billion back in 2005 to $31.5 billion for 2013. That’s… Read more »

The bailout story

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Description: One intriguing chapter in the most current report by Canada’s Auditor General, Michael Ferguson, discussed the AG’s examination of the 2009 government bailouts of Chrysler and General Motors. Ferguson reported as much as $4 billion of the governments’ investment could be lost if the federal and Ontario governments trade in their shares too early…. Read more »

Harnessing highest tides

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Description: A 10 tonne turbine – worth multi-millions of dollars- was disabled in three weeks in an attempt to test the electricity generating potential of the Fundy tides. But the Irish company, Open Hydro, is back to the Bay of Fundy again in its ongoing efforts to harness the this possible generation opportunity. Some experts… Read more »

Canadian companies; US politics

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Description: Following a 2010 US Supreme Court decision, Canadian companies have joined with their US counterparts, directing funds towards lobbying and political financing. Large organizations such as Power Corp, RBC, Encana and Barrick Gold have entered the field. The Shareholders Association for Research & Education (SHARE) has raised some serious questions of accountability regarding this political… Read more »

University budget questions

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Description: In August, 2014, the Ontario government signed goal-setting agreements with the province’s 44 post-secondary institutions. This process was supposed to be step number one in changing the way the institutions are funded. Concerns are being expressed on how demographics and changes to funding may impact individual universities. Source: Globe and Mail.com Date: October 11,… Read more »

Huge IPO for Alibaba

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Description: In the largest initial public offering (IPO) in US history, Chinese internet marketer, Alibaba, began trading on the New York York Stock Exchange on Friday. Alibaba now has a market capitalization larger than a number of Silicon Valley heavyweights, including Facebook and Amazon. Yahoo, however, may be smiling quietly in the background. As an… Read more »

Should business give any credit for this tax credit?

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Description: On September 11, Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver delivered his first major policy initiative since taking over as Minister earlier this year, with his announcement of a Small Business Jobs Credit.  The aim of the credit is to reduce employment insurance premiums   which in turn may prompt small business to hire more workers. The… Read more »

Richest tax on the rich

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Description: New Brunswick is in the midst of an election campaign, leading up to the September 22, 2014 general election. Some have also said the province is also in the midst of a fiscal crisis, with one popular book on the province’s future using the words “Fiscal Cliff” in its title. In an effort to… Read more »