Shareholder pressure up; salaries down

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Description: With shareholder pressure on the uptick, the latest survey of salaries among Canadian bank executives shows that overall compensation is down. Board’s may be looking at performance benchmarks more closely, accounting for some of the reduction in salary. But it is possible that the fact that four of the five CEO’s at the largest… Read more »

That’s quite a pay cut

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Description: This past week we learned Barrick Gold executive chairman John Thornton earned just a little over $3 million for 2015. That doesn’t sound too bad, until you read that the year before Thornton was awarded almost $13 million, with almost $9.5 million coming from incentives. Barrick Gold drew the attention of three major pension… Read more »

Google and taxes

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Description: Google has settled a six year tax audit with the British government; the amount owing – 130 million British pounds. And Google faces a similar tax bill in Italy while the government of France threatens to collect about three times as much from the Internet search-engine king. But don’t feel too sorry for Google…. Read more »

Try this!

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Description: Looking for an edge as you graduate this spring and look ahead to your career? Could it be as simple as trying three simple things? Columnist Leah Eichler offers three simple tips to give you an edge at work: Stretch yourself Tell great stories Be happy Source: Date: December 31, 2015 Link:… Read more »

Chip Wilson speaks out

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Description:  Ousted Lululemon Chair, Chip Wilson, had some things to say about the company he founded.  The clothing company has been facing pressure from rivals such as Under Armour, pressures which had driven down Lululemon’s market value in recent months. Wilson remarked that while Under Armour has about three times the market value of Lululemon,… Read more »

Paper flyers keep on flying

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Description: The digital world has had a deep impact on media such as movies, television, music and magazines. But for some reason, the much-maligned paper advertising flyer seems to be doing just fine. “Customers love their flyers,” said retail executive David Thorpe in a recent Globe and Mail. Apparently 98% of Canadians examine a flyer at least… Read more »

Pension funds say on pay

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Description: Three major pension funds are ready to throw out the board of Barrick Gold because they are concerned about the company’s executive pay plan. One of the three pension funds also expressed concerns about pay practices at CIBC. Although these funds are only minority shareholders, their public statements may raise important points regarding concerns… Read more »